Executive Search & Recruitment

Magnum Staffing is an industrial leader in recruitment and can provide technical expertise to its clients and having thorough knowledge in modern recruitment techniques and latest know-how to do sourcing of talented professionals.

Magnum provides high quality of Temporary, Permanent & contract and Contingency staffing solutions to our clients, our strong database and technology implemented makes us to identify top talents across Canada and globally.

Our Recruitment Consultants

Magnum staffing Services, headquartered in Calgary, Canada offers excellent recruitment solutions that nobody match. Our consultants are trained in Canada and come with years of experience in the field. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Rigorous Recruitment Process

  • Understanding the Job task & Description
  • Sourcing & Technical screening,
  • Preliminary Interview
  • Verify, Assessment, Shortlist
  • Client Proposal and submission
  • Client Interview and selection
  • Extensive background Checks
  • Offer of Employment
  • Mobilization process/support

Our Recruitment Solutions

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract and contingency talent acquisition
  • In-house recruitment solutions
  • Temporary staffing for your immediate staffing needs.

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